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Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine Traits


Regardless of gender, all humans are made up of the same two energies. In both nature and society, these energies go hand-in-hand with each other and shape who we are. Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are a complementary pair—they rely on one another to flow in harmony. This is part of what makes up the dual nature of our world.

We need both energies for balance in our lives. While Divine Masculine energy is often seen as the one that does things, this can be a negative trait if we’re not also using its counterpart to feel and understand what happens around us. Similarly, divine feminine energy may seem more passive or intuitive and counter productive if we don't utilize our divine masculine along side when it comes to making vital decisions in our lives. We need both to truly thrive.

The divine feminine is the goddess energy within. It's the energy of flow, of being and receiving, of intuition, compassion and being heart-centered. Much of our modern culture and society focuses on surviving through our masculine side: logical, doing, producing, structured, controlling and assertive. Just like yin and yang, you need both energies to be whole and balanced but sometimes you can get so caught up in your divine masculine that you forget to nurture your divine feminine too and suffer from lack in self-love, intuition and flow as a result.

As a full time single mother of 4 children and a business owner, it was ultimately my divine masculine energy that catapulted me forward. It was the driving energy force that helped me to survive during some of the most challenging times of my entire life. I however didn't realize that in the process of doing so, I had subconsciously neglected my divine feminine energy that was causing some major imbalances within my life.

I always thought that I had a good balance of divine feminine within me because I was so loving(to others), nurturing and intuitive-- but that wasn't the case when I started to dive deeper into myself and embark upon my own healing journey.

It was around this time that I was guided to create a special blend of essential oils that I intuitively named "Venus Rising." Venus represents and embodies the Goddess. Venus is the planet of love and sensuality. It represents your values and indifferences. Your ability to love. Your ability to relate. Your ability to appreciate beauty on all levels: physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Venus governs pleasure, relationships, peace and harmony-- which are the pillars that ultimately build our foundation for a prosperous life. In order for us to live a truly fulfilled life, we must be balanced in both our divine masculine and divine feminine energy.

Being that I was pulling more from my masculine side, Venus Rising became a game changer for me. Implementing it into my daily routine with meditation and intention has assisted in opening myself to my inner Divine Goddess through self love, healing, compassion and transformation. It has helped me connect to my divine feminine energy where I am learning every single day how to nurture and empower that beautiful Divine Goddess aspect of myself.

If there's one thing I know for certain about my passion in life and with LMD, it is always about uplifting and inspiring all those who surround me and especially through the testimony of my own healing journey.

Do you feel balanced in your divine masculine and divine feminine energy? Where do you find yourself experiencing your life from?

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I would like to heal with in!

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