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how to design your nursery

Your baby deserves a sacred space that is filled with love, no matter whether it's a corner in your room or their very own designed nursery. The vibrations of our environment help us to feel supported, nurtured, and safe. It's important to not only design a nursery that looks beautiful but also feels just as good.
If you are feeling a little lost when it comes to design, don’t worry. I love to design and have some tips to help you create a one of kind space for your sweet little babe!
  • Get Inspired: The first thing I do when I design our collections and prints is get inspired. Pinterest and Instagram are perfect places to start. Look up keywords & hashtags like #nursery #nurseryinspo #nurserydecor #nurseryideas #babyroom #interiordesign -- Focus on broad concepts and what aligns with your aesthetics in regards to color, style and theme. As you gather inspiration for your nursery, be sure to source images from more than just nurseries. Get inspired by other interior design (living room) and fashion photos to help expand your creative process. Imagery is very powerful and sometimes one picture alone can inspire an entire nursery design.
  • Narrow your favorites: Deciding on a specific decorating style and/or theme is the fastest way to reduce your design choices, helping you to define everything from paint colors to furniture options. Remember, there is no right or wrong way to decorate your nursery. Some parents prefer baby themes while others choose something simple. Your nursery is about you and your baby—what makes you happy and creating a sacred space to welcome and love your little one is all that truly matters!
  • Create a Mood Board: Once you've narrowed down your ideas and selected your theme and or must have pieces, prints and colors, use them to create a mood board-- a visual representation of your nursery concept in one place that you can reference as you design your nursery. I use Canva - an online design tool that allows me to create mood boards pretty easily. I love mood boards because you get to experiment and play with photos, swatches, etc. to see how colors and pieces will coordinate before you actually go out and buy anything!
Are you currently expecting and in the process of designing a nursery? I hope these tips help those who are struggling to decide how to go about baby’s nursery.
Let us know what your nursery style/ theme is and if you're on Instagram, make sure to tag us in your nursery pictures, we love to see and share them for inspo!

Nursery Photos via : @nic.maxam 

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