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Hey Mama, are you self aware of the cycles that are being passed down from generation to generation, we subconsciously pass down to our children?

I spoke on stories last week about generational parenting, trauma and cycles that continue to navigate our patterns, beliefs and overall life until we consciously break the cycle.

The self-awareness of the cycles that we pass down are not always a clear and conscious process. Most of us are unaware that our subconscious thoughts, beliefs, patterns and behaviors are being passed on to our children. When these patterns become unhealthy or toxic, it can be challenging for both parent and child. As adults, when we look at how we were raised as children in comparison with the way that we raise our own children today, there is often a disconnect between what was expected of us as kids versus what’s expected of them now. In order to break this cycle of negative behavior for ourselves and for future generations (including our own), it may take some self-reflection on where these beliefs come from and what we can do to change them.

An awakening that happened in my adult life lead me to dive deeper into myself and heal the aspects of my inner child and learn how to parent my inner child from a space of unconditional love. In the process, I am uncovering my true self and integrating that being into every aspect of my life while practicing radical self love.

This beautiful journey has allowed me approach motherhood and parenting in a way that was never modeled to me, because it was never modeled to my parents or grandparents, but what we needed as a children to support us mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically to thrive-- not merely survive in this world.

My present journey has allowed me to be open to see that all people have their own versions of stories they are carrying around inside themselves; some are more obvious than others while some it comes in a form of a repeating behavioral patterns or physical ailments. The stories we carry around from childhood create patterns in our lives through the way we speak, act and react to situations as well as people, which can repeat generation after generation until someone decides to make a change. Often times the pain we carry with us from childhood is due to a belief system that was given to us by a parent or parents who were hurt in some manner either emotionally, physically or mentally.

Healing ourselves allows the simple awareness to release and rewire our mind, body and soul to be able to experience divine alignment & happiness in all aspects of our life. I am not saying that once we move from our story of hurt and pain, fear disappears forever because it doesn't. The mind is a funny thing, sometimes the thoughts just come into your head uninvited like a radio station you can't always turn off but when we are aware that this is happening, we consciously have the opportunity to heal and transform those thoughts with higher vibrational thoughts of compassion, self love and forgiveness. The more we do this, the easier it is to release old versions of ourselves that no longer serve us so we can become our best self.

Here's 5 things you can do today that will start the healing process:

- get into a safe and relaxed state

- reconnect with your inner child by talking to them or listening to their needs, desires and wants.

- ask yourself what messages you've been giving yourself about how unworthy of love you are - these thoughts may be old thoughts from childhood or new ones that have stemmed from your childhood trauma.

- ask your inner child how they feel about themselves through journaling

- recall some time when someone poured love into you - think of all those qualities that made up that moment and try to integrate more aspects of those qualities and feelings that you can continue to pour love into you.

There are many layers on the healing journey and many ways we can approach it. Healing ourselves not only allows us to thrive in all aspects of our lives, but more importantly breaks the cycle and gives our children the opportunities to live a life that is full of unconditional love, nourishment and divinely aligned.

I hope this blog post has helped you in some way, as it might be helpful in the healing process. If there are parts that resonate with your heart please leave them below, I'd love to hear your thoughts.



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