August 01, 2021 2 min read

Birth Vision - A Visual Representation of Your Dream Birth Experience

Hey Mama, do you have a birth vision?

Let's be honest, birth plans don’t always go as planned. Instead of holding attachment to a plan, or the disappointment if it doesn’t go accordingly... perhaps the frequency behind manifesting a vision is more powerful.✨

What’s a birth vision? A visual representation created by your intentions & emotions from the magical experience you want to see manifest when giving birth.

We're giving you some prompts to get started and set some intentions on a beautiful birth vision-- uniquely created just for you and your little babe! 💖

Take a moment, find a quiet place and grab a notebook. Take a couple of deep breaths inhaling from the nose, and exhaling from your mouth. As you breathe, feel yourself deeply connecting with your body and your baby. When you feel ready, try sitting with the following questions in reflection to see what birth vision you foresee…

• How do you see yourself feeling? Can you visualize yourself in that moment?

• How do you see your environment? What does that feel like? Comforting? Supported? Do you see personal belongings & photos? Particular scents?

• Who do you see surrounding you? Can you visualize their excitement and joy? How does that make you feel? Loved? Honored?

• What do you want to remember most about your labour? Strength? Empowerment? Skin-to-Skin?

Visualize. Visualize. Visualize.

When manifesting a birth vision, visualization and invoking the emotions of those visualizations are vital—as you are imprinting your mind with the vision you want to experience and your energetic body with the emotions you want to feel.

Where you focus, your energy naturally flows. ♾

We know there’s a lot of details when preparing & giving birth Mama, and we want to remind you that there is no wrong way! You were made and designed to do this! 💫

**This post is not intended as medical advice. Every woman should consult with her physician and/or childbirth team as to the proper steps to take to deliver in a healthy manner best for them.**

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