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The Leo Child: What you need to know about your Leo Zodiac Baby

Raising children takes more than just a village. The support of astrology can also help you understand your child mentally, emotionally and energetically. We like to think of your child’s birth chart as a compass, navigating each stage on his or her journey through the many seasons of their life.

I'll be honest... I definitely parent my four children much differently once I studied their Sun, Moon & Rising signs! It's like a MAJOR PARENT HACK. Think of it as the energies & archetypes that create our reality.

The sun is the deepest part of your personality, the moon is how you feel about yourself and others, and your rising sign reveals both your attitude towards life as well as what impression you make on those around you.

Let's talk about my sweet Leos, shall we?

A Leo birthday falls between July 23 and August 22, when the sun is passing through Leo as it orbits the Earth. This means a Leo is partially fueled by summer sunshine, which explains part of the fiery personalities they're known for.

The Leo sign is ruled by the Sun and has fixed qualities. If your child is a Leo, many of their personality traits will be fixed—unchanging except under special circumstances.

Like a roaring fire, Leos tend to be warm, passionate, and dynamic. They delight in opportunities to let their charismatic personality shine.

Leos are born leaders. Which means that a Leo-born will be strong, brave, and dominating on the things they set out to do. Once Leo decides to accomplish something, it is best for everyone else to get out of their way!

Understanding Leo characteristics is important for any parent of a child with this zodiac sign. When you understand what your little lion needs in order to develop & thrive, it's more likely that you can find ways to encourage them and guide them intuitively from a space of compassion and deeper understanding.

5 Strengths

Loyal: Leos value loyalty and are always dependable. They will do anything to protect the people who they care about, making them more than willing to take on any challenge that a child might face in his or her life.

Strong-willed: Leos are confident and brave. They know what they want, and will work hard to get it. This makes them feel empowered and loved by themselves, which is a really important thing for any child to experience!

Generous: Leos are known to be generous and will often give away all of their things, especially if they see someone else who is less fortunate. This shows them how much better life can get when you're sharing with others!

Natural Leader: Leos are natural-born leaders. Because of their other traits, people are attracted to them. Their spirit and confidence make people trust Leo and, most importantly, their generosity and optimism give others a reason to trust them.

Passionate: Leos are passionate and expressive, so you'll have no problem trying to figure out their interests. This is especially helpful in the toddler years, as Leo has a tendency to express themselves with their body language, or even vocally.

5 Challenges

Attention-seeking: Leos are known for craving attention, and will often act above everyone else. They come across as self-centered--even if that's not entirely their intention.

Stubborn: They are most often inflexible and can be a bit stubborn. A Leo's determination can sometimes come across as being stubborn. They don't like asking for help because they have such a strong drive to do things by themselves. But their inability to ask for help can be seen as headstrong.

Dominant personality: Their dominant personality leads them to being bossy, which is sometimes mistaken for leadership skills. Actually, they just like telling people what to do--especially when it comes to what they want.

Impulsive: They have the tendency to jump into things without considering consequences, which can lead them to make reckless decisions.

Naive: Even though Leos have a kind heart and are always willing to help others, they often feel let down. They're taken advantage of because of their generous nature and trusting soul.

Embrace your child for their many beautiful strengths they posses, while consciously working on those challenging areas to help them grow and thrive to be the best version of themselves.


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