Our Annual Black Friday Sale

October 24, 2017 5 min read

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Hi Friends! I wanted to write a detailed blogpost about our black friday sale that's coming up to answer a lot of the questions that have been coming in and also just some thoughts. If you are here just for the details, skip to the bottom! lol

First and foremost, why are we doing a Black Friday sale in October on a Thursday?

In true form, I took a poll on our insta stories and asked if we should do the sale early this year. I freaking love those polls because it's a vital way for me to truly get your honest feedback. Well, 98% of you voted YES, and I agree. Here's why: I feel like this time of year is the busiest for everyone and it becomes overwhelming with all the sales and festivities to just keep up. Especially in the small handmade shop world,  where so many of us depend on the season to keep us afloat. We focus so much on the business that we completely lose sight of what this season truly means, and this year I just want to do things differently.
As the business is growing, I am trying to be more intentional of how I want to structure it. Sometimes that means taking a step back to see the bigger picture and focusing on bringing value to our customers. If there is something I have truly learned this year, it is we live in a time where we are consuming and purchasing at a very rapid rate. Shops are opening left and right. Brands are knocking off smaller brands, and selling at rock bottom prices. I mean if we are being totally transparent in this conversation, I can not compete with big competitors such as Old Navy, who sell adorable dresses for toddlers that are selling at $6 dollars. That wouldn't even cover my fabric costs, let alone what I pay my contractors to cut and sew it. This is the business, and it's been like this for as long as I could remember however, it's definitely becoming more of a rat race-- that I'd prefer not be apart of if I can.

Doing so, I've decided to scale back. As a small business and single mother of four--funds are so limited which means I have to continue to focus on growing the business, but also within my means, all while doing it ethically. Every style we produce is a gamble. I pay for the fabric, the cutting, sewing, tags, care labels, trims, marketing, etc. way before the product even gets listed. Some times it does extremely well, sometimes not so much. For a small business it's hard to continuously design and put out styles not knowing what's going to do well. So what does that mean for LITTLEMISSDESSA? Well, it means I want to get to know my customers better. I want to know what you truly value when you are shopping and I want to be able to provide that for you, within my means. It means this coming year will be so much more intentional in value, style, and function and less fast fashion just to survive. 

Here's the thing. Have you ever purchased something and then a week later, it's discounted and you feel you got gypped? Yes, because in so many ways nothing about that product changed, yet it somehow got cheaper and you now are pissed. That is not what I want my business to be about. The quality, the brand, the message, will only get better with time, so for me, my intentions are to structure the company just as so and not cheapen just to keep afloat. That comes with sacrifice and scaling back. I want to build a business that provides value, which means so much more than just buying a product. I want the legacy of LITTLEMISSDESSA to be more than just profits. 

So with all that said, if you've read this far, lol -- Our sale is happening in October so I can take some time off to really enjoy this season of my life with my little babes, who one day won't be so little anymore. I also want to take some time to plan out the next year with more intentions, ultimately building a stronger foundation and structure for LMD.

Here's what to expect from the sale:

  • Our Black Friday Sale goes live on Thursday, October 26th at 6PM PST/9PM EST

  • The sale will be live for 24 hours only and then the prices will go back up and wont get discounted this much until our next black friday sale.

  • Everything with the exception of the one or two items will be 40% off. Some of the styles, colors, etc. will no longer be reproduced so this will be a good opportunity to stock up. Yes, that means our knotted baby gowns, swaddle blankets, onesie, nursing covers, newborn sets, rompers, bloomers, twirl dresses, tunic dresses, maxi skirts and more will all be 40% off!!!¬†

  • There are no coupon codes needed; all sale prices will be listed online.

  • Discount codes¬†can not be applied, as these prices are¬†truly a great deal.

  • Our current sold out items WILL NOT¬†be restocked for this sale. I am hoping to have our restock by the first week of November,¬†which will include our best selling prints.

  • All sales are final. With the nature of the business, we don't offer returns or exchanges¬†but for whatever reason if¬†you receive¬†a defective product we most definitely¬†will replace it!

  • As always free shipping in the US and $5 to Canada.

  • Everything is in stock and please allow 5-7 business days for processing. With the amount of orders that have come in the past, and myself being a one woman show, I will do my absolute best to get your orders out as fast as my hands can package and ship them!

  • I apologize¬†in advance, but our online store can not hold your cart, so if there is one item left in stock and someone else puts in their cart as well, the customer who checks out the fastest will get the item. For this reason, I suggest you browse the shop, place the items you want in your cart now so when our black friday sales goes live on Thursday, you quickly check out.¬†

  • If you are not signed up for our newsletter, you might want to so you receive¬†an email the moment the sale goes live. You can sign up¬†HERE.

    Also, since I have you here, I'd like to truly thank you for supporting my business and dreams. I look forward to what the next year will bring, and can't wait to continue this amazing journey with you! 

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