March 02, 2021 1 min read


baby car seat cover

Image of Sandstone Knotted Gown + Blooming Moon Multi-Use Cover

Bringing your sweet little babe home from the hospital is the moment you’ve been waiting for, quite literally after 9 months of being pregnant.

Our knotted gowns are often bought as a “homecoming outfit” from the hospital and we get asked all the time if your fresh newborn can wear their knotted gown in their car seat?

The answer is YES, absolutely!

Here’s a quick & easy tutorial on how to use our knotted gown style in a car seat…

  1. Place baby in car seat.

  2. Untie the knot of the knotted gown, separating the tail hems so that you can see baby’s legs.

  3. Buckle your little babe up safely.

  4. Depending on the season and weather, you can keep their feet warm with out silky soft knit swaddle blankets and or place our multi-use cover over the car seat for full protection. 

Our knotted gowns were designed to be fully functional yet stylish, making it easy peasy for any new parent. Oh and let’s not forget the cutest homecoming outfit ever that you’ll be taking at least 100 photos of because newborn baby spam is real.

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