March 01, 2021 5 min read

Tiffany Dessa

“I have no desire to be the person I was yesterday. If you’re still hanging on to the person I was, I apologize in advance. You won’t find me.” – Billy Chapata
How does one renew something within a foundation that already exists?
Much like a vintage home whose bones are as solid and vibrant/fruitful as gold, but it’s exterior may need to be rehabbed to renew it, to its original beauty & authentic blueprint. Renewal is necessary for our evolution.
Renewal can come in many different shapes and forms. Internal or external, perhaps even without form.
It is an important energy that we can work with and once aware of its beautiful properties, we can utilize in our energetic tool kit.  As we renew ourselves each morning, we awake to a new day, a new dawn. A physical manifestation of the energy of renewal in physical form.
Giving us the darkness to slow down, rest, reflect and heal/integrate the experiences from the moments before—we have the opportunity each day to let go of things that no longer serve us. Whether that be big or small, all take up space within our energetic form.
As a mother of four while running LMD, there are many days I have been left feeling depleted. Pouring from any empty cup as I try my best to navigate the day. Moments where I didn’t connect to the energy of renewal, everything felt heavier. Tasks seemed daunting. Patience and grace were non-existent.
Renewal comes to us as a blessing to renew our thoughts, actions, beliefs, and experiences that need restoration. From our hearts to our relationships, to the way we mother our children – renewal ebbs and flows with our daily evolution.
Transformative, It allows you to take any instance, any situation and renew it. To either be transformed and or rebirthed into anew.
The beginning of the year came charging in like a freight train with too much baggage and a mission.
With never-ending to do lists, kids back to distance learning and a business that is ever growing—I barely had time to slow down.  That was when my body had to interfere to physically get me to slow down. I got hit hard with the flu, which of course I thought was Covid. The last thing I thought I needed was to be sick and to slow down.
But the sickness led to the perfect moment of renewal.
When I was on the mend of finally starting to feel somewhat better, I was guided to sit on my balcony, meditate and soak in the glorious sun. I normally do this but this time I was guided to fill up a bucket of water and add some Epsom salt, essential oils and rose petals—to renew myself not only physically because I was sick, but also energetically because I was so exhausted from going non-stop.
Taking some much need tome to slow down, relax and renew my energy was just what I needed. As I was sitting there surrounded by my nature, with my feet soaked in rose petals, the beautiful melody of birds chirping in the background and basking in the warm sunlight, I felt the energy of renewal slowly infuse me.
In silence and solitude, I was able to go deep within. Reflection on the areas that needed rehabilitation. Discarding thoughts, patterns, emotions and or beliefs that no longer serve me. Empowering the areas that continue to guide me to divinity and infusing and renewing my love for myself and by that also renewing my connection spiritually.
From my head to my toes, the light of renewal and the love of God that I felt in that stillness rebirthed me whole.
What a desolate place would be a world without flowers? It would be a face without a smile; a feast without welcome.—Are not flowers the stars of earth?—And are not our stars the flowers of heaven?  -- Clara Lucas Balfour 

Are we not flowers in human form that need constant nourishment and renewal to bloom and flourish?

The first step to renewal is to make a decision to do so.
Committing to make time for yourself when you feel like there is no time. Just as though you must tend to your garden in order for you to enjoy their beautiful spring blooms, you must tend to yourself with the same intentions.
Here are a few ways you can utilize the energy of renewal today!
Start a Morning Ritual

As we renew ourselves each day when we awake, we have the opportunity to create a daily practice that can either empower us or deplete us. Instead of grabbing your phone to scroll through the lives of others, try meditating, praying, or going for a brisk walk. Finding yourself in solitude as you commune with your higher self and God is one of the easiest ways to feel a profound shift in your mental and emotional life.
Free Form Journaling
Writing can be as cathartic as laughing. The more you write, the more you are able to express in any form some of your deepest emotions, beliefs, thoughts and ideas that can be released or waiting to take form. Giving yourself permission to just write whatever you feel or think without ridicule or a certain format allows you free up space that was filling you just moments before within.
Immerse yourself in Nature

Commit to getting outside every single day and become aware of how you feel. When you get in touch with nature, you find your own nature. To be outside amongst God’s miraculous creations, it offers a renewal of energy in such a profound way that few other activities can. Whether you’re feeling the sun kiss your skin, breathing in the fresh air or hearing the beautiful melodies of birds singing in the wind--nature has way of bringing you back into alignment where you are left feeling renewed and whole.

Spiritual Bath/Foot Soak

Spiritual & energetic hygiene should be considered as important as brushing our teeth daily. The residue and remnants of the food we consume will remain if we don’t brush them away. Well the residue and remnants of stagnant energy, thoughts and emotions can remain if we don’t consciously cleanse out of our energetic field. Spiritual cleansing baths/foot soaks are used to release what no longer serves us and set intentions to empower what does. With water at different temperatures we can obtain therapeutic results and rapidly feel calm and renewed. If you add some essential oils and plants you will increase the effect, making your bath a true moment of peace and renewal. Add essential oils like chamomile, lavender, juniper, lemon, or cypress, with a conductor such as Epsom sea salt or honey with dash of rose petals and you’ll be feeling brand new.

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