May 05, 2021 2 min read


LMD Apothecary Line

Ever since I was a young girl, nature was always a big part of my life. Playing outside as I would mix plants and flowers to create different concoctions as my imagination filled my soul blissfully. Being in nature was when I felt most aligned with my true soul essence and in my organic element. 

As the years went by and I went through my teenage phase, there was a bit of struggle as I was navigating how to fit into a society where I never really felt connected. As with most young impressionable teenagers, I ended up aligning with crowds and experiences that would be the culprit of some deep soul-searching lessons.

Cycles and lessons that followed me into my 20’s and dare I even say my 30’s. I remember by 30th birthday back in 2015 and asking myself how did I get there? Not that my life was in complete shambles but still felt so disconnected. 

That is when my journey of self-discovery truly began. I started to seek within, exploring my soul from perspectives that I had subconsciously neglected. Meditation, journaling and aromatherapy became by guiding light and biggest support system.

Almost 7 years later and what a beautiful journey it is has been. Yet in so many ways, I feel like things are just starting to make sense and really begin.

In 2021, I felt like it was finally time to integrate some of the most sacred tools I created and personally used to help heal, awaken and align my life into LITTLEMISSDESSA, which birthed our Handmade Apothecary Line. Created divinely & metaphysically to assist you on your self-care, self-love, healing & spiritual journey.

All handcrafted and poured here in our headquarters in Corona, California, we have a beautiful collection that includes essential oil blends, body sprays, botanical foot soaks & scented wax melts.

If LMD and the products we create help even one soul heal and awaken to their highest potential of unconditional love, health, prosperity and divine alignment-- my heart and soul mission for this company will truly be fulfilled!

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