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September 18, 2014 4 min read 1 Comment

I've been so busy with work that I literally have not bought a single thing for Greyson until last week. That's when it got real. We are having baby number 2 and he is coming in 6 weeks. Say what!? Being that Liv will only be 23 months older than Grey, I plan to use a lot of her baby things--well the things that are gender neutral of course. There were a couple of essentials that I needed to get that I think are great for bebe #2. 

1. I've been on the hunt for a baby bath tub for some time now. I never really cared for Liv's and as she got older I just showered with her because one, we have no bath tubs in our home, and two, it was just so much easier. Obviously I can't do that with a newborn and once I saw the PUJ Baby tub, I was sold. Especially being that I will be recovering from a c-section, this will be great so I don't have to bend--It's pretty brilliant if you ask me! 

2. I think every baby is different. Liv hated pacifiers due to her oral aversion in the NICU, but best believe I will be prepared with these 100% natural - Natursutten pacis, should he love them. The fear of both Liv and Greyson crying insynch at night might be a reality without them. One I'd much rather not have.
3. Another fear of mine is how I will manage  my time with a newborn and a 23 month toddler while still trying to run a full fledge business. Well the answer, at least in my somewhat delusional mind is baby wearing. Ha! Lets hope this is the case. I tried a couple different wraps with Liv and I needed an upgrade. The Solly Baby Wrap is just what I needed. It's a lot lighter than most but just as strong, and might I add pretty. I swoon over anything stripes & modal, so yes-- I needed this! 

4. The amazing perks of running your own children's clothing wear business is well- getting all the goodies for your babies! Duh! I have tucked away a good amount of these soft and cozy organic yumminess. It will be somewhat cold when he arrives so these Snuggle Sets will be essential for us!
5. Did I mention that both Liv and Greyson will be sleeping in our room. Yep, our home is pretty much filled to full capacity since I use the spare/nursery as my studio. Now here's the kicker-- technically we have a crib that is completely open to being used since Liv co sleeps with us. Unfortunately with the csection and my plan to breastfeed, this mama does not intend on getting up every 2 hours while I recover, thus the  Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper. You really have to love that they invent products like this, it makes things so damn convenient. Yes, there will be all four of us crammed into a queen bed--but to be honest, I wouldn't want it any other way! 

6. Okay, this isn't really a need as much as it is a want. I mean it is a need because where else is Greyson going to hang out other than this oh so lovely Bloom Baby Lounger?! Its so chic and modern and honestly looks like he will lounge for hours in it. Okay, ok. Maybe its more for me than him. hehe. We shall see!

7. If you're following me on Instagram, you know I've been on the hunt for a diaper bag. I hate Livs current one. Its so big and bulky and well it just doesn't do it for me. I don't mind it being so big but it's really not efficient. Now that I need something for two, it was time for an upgrade. I've been looking high and low and to be honest, there was nothing really that caught my attention. I finally figured out that I just need to find a large tote that had enough capacity to hold all my stuff, while still looking like a nice bag AND not shelling out $400 dollars. Lets be honest. Once you're a mom,  your diaper bag has become your hand bag. Nobody has time or energy to lug around more baggage than two babies, a double stroller,  a car seat and ONE essential diaper/tote bag that does it all. NOBODY. I found this amazing French Connection Tote on sale and it was purchased 5 second later. Not only is it big enough but also has a cross-body strap that is exactly what I was looking for. 

8. Now that I found the perfect Tote that looks good and is roomy enough, I added the efficient part with this little gem. Lily Jade's baby bag organizer is a must. It has more pockets than you can imagine making it functional for not only one, but two babies load of crap! Literally! 

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September 30, 2014

I love your blog.. I’m new to blogging (like just started yesterday, new) lol… It’s a “baby” blog and a little bit of other stuff too. Any tips?? The address is I follow you on IG as well.. @mckenziedreams

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