Taurus Zodiac Crystal Infused Scented Candle Wax Melt


Taurus Zodiac (April 20 - May 20)

Profile Scent:
Top: Petitgrain, Gardenia, Palm Fonds, White Musk
Middle: Lilly of the Valley, Sandalwood, Vanilla, Patchouli
Base: Orange Blossom, Neroli, White Jasmine, Coconut

Embrace the luxurious essence of Taurus with our intricately designed Taurus Zodiac Wax Melt, crafted to reflect the refined tastes and earthy spirit of Taureans. This sophisticated scent starts with soothing top notes of Petitgrain and Gardenia, enriched with lush Palm Fonds and a whisper of White Musk. It transitions into a lush garden heart of Lily of the Valley, Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Patchouli, and finishes with a grounding base of Orange Blossom, Neroli, White Jasmine, and Coconut.

True to Taurus's nature, the wax is artfully poured in layers of Forest Green, Copper, and Pearl White, embodying the stability, wealth, and purity associated with this zodiac sign. We've also embedded three powerful crystals to harness Taurus energy:

  • Tiger's Eye: Encourages grounding, protection, and courage, perfect for maintaining focus and achieving goals.
  • Citrine: Attracts abundance and prosperity, enhancing Taureans' natural desire for luxury.
  • Emerald: Promotes wisdom, patience, and balance, enriching the soul with Taurus’s earth sign energy.

This wax melt is a perfect choice for Taurus individuals who appreciate the finer things in life or for anyone wanting to bring a sense of Taurus-inspired tranquility and luxury into their home. Whether as a birthday gift or a special treat, this Taurus Zodiac Wax Melt offers a unique way to connect with the earthy, sensual vibes of Taurus, ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and comfort.

We've carefully formulated and hand poured each melt with the intention of providing you with the best experience possible. Our botanicals/herbs, crystals, crystal chips, and essential oils/fragrances are all chosen to work in harmony, creating a powerful blend that are the perfect way to enjoy aromatherapy, healing and enlightenment in your sacred space.

Highly scented with 12% luxury fragrance oils. Our Soy Wax melts are great for easy wick/fire free use in any tea light wax warmer or electric wax warmer. 

Break off 1 or 2 cubes and add to the top of an electric or tea-light tart burner to melt. The Wax can be re-melted until it is no longer fragrant. Please note some wax warmers get hotter than others. Wax warmers that get really hot will produce a higher intensity fragrance, but the fragrance will dissipate much sooner. Wax warmers that don’t get as hot tend to produce a less intense, but longer lasting aroma.

100% natural soy wax

Fragrance Oils:
Free from carcinogens, reproductive toxins, and other potentially hazardous chemicals often found in fragrance.

To prevent fire or injury: Remove packaging before use. Use only in tea-light warmers or UL listed electric warmers approved for wax melts. Read and follow all instructions provided with your warmer before use. Do NOT leave melter unattended while in use. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Instructions: Do NOT add water. Do NOT melt on stovetop or in non-approved appliances. Use only in well ventilated areas away from flammable objects. Discontinue use if dish contains less than 1/2" of wax.

DISCLAIMER: These statements and products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These are not intended to diagnose or treat any physical, mental, or emotional condition. Please consult your preferred health care provider if you are experiencing symptoms.

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