Mindful Motherhood Vibrational Spray

For the mindful mother who wants to navigate her days with intention and mindfulness, our Mindful Motherhood Spray is the perfect tool. This botanical mist supports you on your journey, providing a sense of calm and peace during the challenges of motherhood. Whether you're experiencing a moment of overwhelm or simply need a break to refill your cup, our Mindful Motherhood Spray is there to help.

With its refreshing blend of essential oils, our Mindful Motherhood Spray can be used throughout the day to support your well-being. Simply spray it in the air around you, and take a few deep breaths to feel its effects. It's the perfect way to reset and refocus when you need it most.

We believe that motherhood should be an empowering experience, and our Mindful Motherhood Spray is here to help you create that reality. By connecting with your intention and purpose each day, you can show up for yourself and your family in the best way possible. 

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus oil can help promote balance in your life, both spiritually and mentally. If you're feeling stressed or hectic, eucalyptus can calm the mind and help you achieve more harmony. Additionally, if your mind is feeling sluggish or cloudy, eucalyptus oil can boost concentration and focus. Therefore, when you feel out of balance, eucalyptus oil can help you get centered and back on track.

Lemon: Lemon is a great oil for mental clarity and focus. It can help clear the cobwebs and give you a much-needed boost of energy when you're feeling low. When used aromatically, lemon can also help reduce anxiety and stress. Motherhood can stretch you thin, both emotionally and physically. If you're in need of a pick-me-up, lemon is the perfect oil to help you get back on your feet.

Jasmine: Jasmine is a beautiful, floral oil that is perfect for promoting relaxation and peace. Renewing and uplifting, jasmine can help ease anxiety and tension. As you navigate motherhood, Jasmine supports you in finding moments of stillness amidst the chaos.

Honeysuckle: Honeysuckle is a sweet, floral oil that is perfect for promoting feelings of happiness and joy. Uplifting and renewing, honeysuckle can help ease your energetic field to shift it to become more present in the moment. When motherhood feels like one big juggling act, honeysuckle helps you find the sweetness in each moment.

Grapefruit: Grapefruit is a refreshing, citrus oil that is perfect for promoting feelings of energy and motivation. Energizing and uplifting, grapefruit can help you find the focus you need to get through your day. When motherhood has you feeling run down, grapefruit helps you remember your own inner strength and power.

Frankincense: Frankincense is a grounding, earthy oil that is perfect for promoting feelings of peace and calm. With its ability to ground and center you, frankincense can help you find your footing during moments of uncertainty. When motherhood has you feeling like you're losing your way, frankincense helps you connect back to what matters most.


Jasmine Oil,Honeysuckle Oil, Eucalyptus Oil,Grapefruit Oil,Frankincense Oil, Proprietary EgyptianOil Blend,Lemon Oil,Distilled Water,Rose Witch Hazel

Customer Reviews

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Z. (Chino Hills, CA, US)

Seriously needed something to help calm me down after going through some life changes. I was finding myself getting easily irritated with low patience. After using this spray, I felt so much calm and peace. I spray it over my head and immediately have a sense of zen. It makes me feel more present and in tune with my daughter. Thank you!


Love using this in my spa!

M.A. (Gilbert, AZ, US)
Love it!

I love this spray mist!. It smells beautiful and it has a resetting and grounding power. I can totally feel the shift in awareness whenever I use it.