January 24, 2021 3 min read

If you haven't already you can read Part 1 and Part 2 before your read Part 3...

When they say Gods plan is much bigger than we can possibly comprehend, it truly is. Every single trial and tribulation had brought me to this monumental trajectory. A soul purpose that had awakened through a tragedy that also birthed LITTLEMISSDESSA was Gods divine work in the making.

By this point, you are probably wondering how this energy/healing stuff all connects with LMD? One day I was sitting in deep meditation and it all came to me…

When I became pregnant and a mother at the young age of 27, I unknowingly was caring a lot of trauma within me that needed energetic healing. Trauma that could look/feel like any of these things: physical ailments, limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions, mental illness, childhood wounds, ancestral karma and overall lack of spiritual/physical well-being.

Remember, there are two kinds of energy: sensory energy, which is physical energy, and subtle energy, which involves thoughts, feelings, intuition and other energetic information.

If energy cannot be created or destroyed and can only be transformed/transferred from one form into another—Can the subtle energies we carry within us affect and or be transferred to our children when pregnant?

Many believe that birth begins when the baby emerges from the Mother’s womb but birth begins long before that. In fact, since all the eggs of the birthing mother have been inside her since she was in her own mother, it’s safe to say that all children have been in at least two mothers before arriving earth-side.

Could the subtle energy of our mothers and grandmothers also pass down their unresolved energetic traumas in addition to our genetic DNA?

These are very important questions to ask ourselves, especially as we embark on the journey of motherhood.

I, not being remotely aware of energy, healing or any of this at that time of my pregnancies-- simply bypassed what I now intuitively feel and know to be true that is an important step into motherhood and healing. Now that I am aware, I take my healing and overall well-being seriously. Not only for myself, but also my children’s well-being. For I am now passing down my knowledge and wisdom for them to awaken and align to their highest potential, trauma-free.  At least those are my sincere divine intentions for my children.

Healing is a matter of remembering and recovering the wholeness that already is. The image of God within us, as divine children. Wholeness does not equate perfection, but an overall well-being that is in divine alignment.

Welcoming a child into the world is a magical process that transforms us on all levels: heart, mind, body, soul, relationships, beliefs and consciousness. Preparing for our little one to arrive goes beyond cute clothes and nursery decorations. That’s when I realized how LITTLEMISSDESSA was destined to be so much more than a product-based brand and provide spiritual nourishment for all our amazing community of women, mothers and parents!

If I could go back in time, before I even planned to get pregnant, I would do so many things differently as my conscious has expanded exponentially since then. Although I can’t go back in time, I am incredibly blessed that through LMD, we have a community of women who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant and if I can help heal even one person--my soul mission would feel complete.

The new series, 13 Energies of Motherhood came to me over a year ago in meditation. But like many things when it comes to my spirituality I was hesitant. In a day and age where we as a society are heavily distracted, and pulled in many different directions, I felt it was time for this series to be birthed to help those who seek healing and alignment. To encourage each and every one of you to go within, to connect with the divine wisdom that we were birthed with.

Through healing and deep connection to the beautiful wholeness that already is, we can secure a better world for humanity and our children.

Are you ready for the first energy transmission I’ll be sharing with you soon?! I can’t wait beloveds!



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