June 10, 2022 2 min read

knotted gown


The Short answer is yes!!

Knotted gowns have surely come up on the rise in recent years and there is no question as to why if you've tried them. For those of you who haven't though i'm sure your curious what the buzz is about! Here at LITTLEMISSDESSAwe are the home of the original knotted gown, we designed the knotted gown with an adjustable knotted hem that makes those late night diaper changes quick and easy. Who doesn't love not having to completely undress your baby when its two in the morning and you just want to get back to bed?

Not only are they helpful but no more snaps and zips to worry about when half asleep! The knot at the bottom can be easily untied and retied as needed, making those late nights a breeze.

Our knotted gowns are the perfect outfit to bring your newborn home in. For those of you who are wondering if you can use knotted gowns in a car seat, the answer is YES, and we explained it in more detail here.

Our knotted gowns are a modern take on the classic lap neck onesie. Finished with fold-over mitten cuffs that are designed to cover those itty-bitty hands for extra warmth and avoid scratching. Our snuggle knotted gowns are handcrafted out of the softest, lightweight, and breathable knit jersey–perfect for your baby's delicate skin. Our knotted gowns are a must have baby essential product. Ideal for newborn pictures, coming home outfits, baby shower gifts, snuggles and so much more.

Coming in over 100+ colors, prints, neutrals, and ribs you are sure to find the perfect knotted gown that fits your style perfectly.

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