Oh Motherhood

July 22, 2015 2 min read

When I was younger I often dreamt of having a large family with 5 kids. Maybe it was the misconception that mothers did it all and with such ease that influenced me.

 My mother had two children, juggled a full time job and would go and help my father after work every day with our family restaurant. She would then come home, cook a killer meal while helping us with our homework, get us bathed, fed and in bed– all while never even breaking a sweat. None that I could see at least. I look back and can't recall a moment when I saw her loosing her shit and wonder how? What's the difference between her and I? Perhaps it's that she was just so good at keeping it concealed because lets be honest, motherhood is hard. oh so hard. You get pulled in every direction 24/7 and your wants and needs become irrelevant. 

 Becoming a mother of 4 was a game changer for me. Somewhere between 3 kids to 4, it just became so much harder. Maybe it was having a special needs toddler while having a newborn that did it. Oy vey. Those first 6 months were challenging. Then you throw in a growing business and well you can just imagine how many times I lost my shit. Still do in-fact.

 What I've realized though, is that motherhood is also magical. As with anything in life, it has its ups and downs. There are those days that you want to hit the reset button by 10am. But then you have these moments–these magical moments where you feel as though your heart is about to burst because you see your two little’s snuggle with each other so cutely and all is okay with the world. I've learned to revel in these moments and remind myself that I'm doing the best I can. There are days that are just going to suck. It’s inevitable. You can't hide from them. You can however, try to look for those special moments, because when you pay close attention, these moments are more present than you think they are.

 I've had a lot going on. More than I think I could handle at times, and just when I was about to lose my shit the other day, I was blessed to witness this magical moment between Grey & Liv. Is your heart bursting with all the heart eyes too!? Yep, all is okay with the world my dear mamas.

I will continue to pull myself up by bootstraps and kick motherhood in its ass, because I've got this and YOU do too. 


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