Made in USA


You help. I help. We all help.

When we decided to expand from in house cutting and sewing to manufacturing, it was important that our garments were made in the USA. Many consumers don't realize that every piece of clothing that is made all over the world is handcrafted together by a human. A labor-intensive stitching process that accounts for 50 percent of the cost of manufacturing and a vital component when producing garments.

We chose to manufacture our products close to home so that we can help rebuild our domestic economy by doing our part. Many domestic factories have been left behind by brands who chase the cheapest labor abroad and bigger profit margins. We take pride in consciously giving the opportunity to domestic workers who are qualified technicians with a lot of experience, but not enough work so we can deliver the highest quality product to our customers. 

We understand that the decisions we make as a company have serious consequences for families and individuals who manufacturer for us. As we continue to grow, we are enthusiastic to be able to give more domestic factories work--so they can thrive too. 

 Throughout every process, our manufacturers and employees are paid a living wage while working in safe conditions, helping them build independent lives for themselves and their families. Buying fair trade is a powerful way for consumers to reduce poverty through everyday shopping.