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Knotted Gowns: Are they safe for babies?

If this is your first baby, you might feel overwhelmed making sure that you are prepared to welcome your newborn from the hospital. From getting the nursery decorated, purchasing all the baby essentials they need, to baby proofing your home --you not only want the best of the best for your little one, but most importantly for them to feel and be safe.

If you’ve purchased baby or children’s pajamas before, you might have noticed a large yellow tag that said: “For child’s safety, garments should fit snugly. These garments are not flame resistant. Loose fitting garments are more likely to catch fire.” Or you’ve seen a care tag that states “not intended for sleepwear.”

Um, confusing much?! 

As a new parent, this could definitely make you feel anxious and worry more than you should. Although the yellow tag is there for good reason, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Children’s sleepwear is highly regulated by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. The CPSC sets national flammability safety standards for children’s sleepwear to protect kids from burn injuries that could occur if they were to come into contact with a flame from a candle, lighter or space heater that many utilize in colder climates. CPSC focuses mainly on children over the age of 9 months as they become more mobile, eager to adventure and explore.

As of today’s federal safety guidelines, Children’s sleepwear that are in-fact used and labeled as sleepwear sold in sizes 9 months and up to size 14 require either:

(1) the fabric and garments must pass certain flammability tests that are treated with flame retardants; or
(2) be "tight fitting" as defined by specified dimensions

A garment sized nine months or smaller intended for use by infants is not required to meet the standard if:

(1) It is a one-piece garment and is not longer than 25¾ inches, or it is a two-piece garment and has no piece longer than 15 ¾ inches; and
(2) It has a label stating in months the age of the children for whom it is intended. Even though these types of garments are exempt from the requirements of this rule, they must still meet the flammability requirements for clothing textiles, 16C.F.R. 1610 and vinyl plastic film, 16 C.F.R. 1611.

We’ve made sure when designing our LITTLEMISSDESSA knotted gowns, that they are not loose fitting and meet safety requirements as they are not treated with toxic chemicals such as flame retardants.

To ensure the safety of your baby is our top priority, our knotted gowns in size newborn measures 23", in size 0-3 months 24 1/4", and size 3-6 months 25" which does not exceed the 25" 3/4 length requirements when knotted and worn.

are knotted gowns safe
are knotted gowns safeknotted baby gown are they safe for infants

So rest assured, your little one will not only be adorably cute but more importantly be safe in their LITTLEMISSDESSA knotted gowns!

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