June 18, 2024 2 min read

Welcome, beautiful souls,

I am thrilled to invite you to the very first episode of the "Love More Divinely" podcast—a journey into faith, transformation, and embracing one's divine purpose. In our premiere episode, I open up about my personal and spiritual evolution from running my successful children's wear business, Little Miss Dessa, to founding Love More Divinely, a venture that is a true calling of my soul.

Starting Love More Divinely was not just a business decision; it was a spiritual awakening. The seed for this transformation was planted when I felt a divine whisper, urging me to let go of my successful enterprise and embrace a path that was more aligned with my spiritual essence. This was a call to step fully into my dharma.

In this episode, I share how I learned to navigate this new path by walking by faith, not by sight. Embracing the unknown and trusting in the divine plan was challenging but incredibly rewarding. It taught me about the power of divine timing and the importance of listening to that inner voice that guides us toward our true purpose.

A significant part of my journey involved transmuting ancestral karma and healing generational wounds. I discuss how addressing these deep-seated patterns was crucial for my personal growth and how it helped clear the way for the new energies and opportunities that aligned with my soul’s mission.

Surrender became a recurring theme in my life. Letting go of control and allowing the divine flow to lead the way opened up spaces for magic to happen. In the podcast, I talk about how surrendering to the journey brought unexpected blessings and deeper connections to my higher self.

Love More Divinely is more than a brand—it's a mission. It's about spreading love, facilitating healing, and serving the collective. Each product and message is crafted with the intention to inspire and uplift, supporting others on their path to spiritual awakening and alignment.

Join me as I delve into these themes and share the lessons learned along this transformative journey. The "Love More Divinely" podcast is not just a series of conversations; it's an invitation to explore the depths of your own spirit and perhaps discover a path you're meant to walk.

Tune in to our first episode below and embark on this beautiful journey with us. Your path to divine alignment awaits.

With infinite love and light, Tiffany

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