September 11, 2020 1 min read

I AM Affirmations for motherhood and divine feminine

Dear Mama, did you know that "I AM" affirmations are an easy and powerful tool that can be utilized to assist you in creating the life you desire? To embody the divine Woman/Mother you are destined to be. To experience the balance and happiness you seek. To receive the prosperity, health and abundance that is your birthright infinitely.  

Everything begins with thoughts and intentions. We often forget that our thoughts create our reality and allow the narrative of the past to dictate our narrative of our future.  

The woman/mother you are today, will not be the woman/mother you are tomorrow. 

Each moment/experience brings lessons and deeper understandings that ultimately are for our highest good. Affirmations assist in expanding our thoughts, beliefs, and experiences to a higher frequency. As we shift our life narrative into alignment—balance and harmony effortlessly flows through us. We are then able to fulfill our soul purpose & live out our dreams. 

Do you affirm your thoughts and intentions that are currently creating your reality? We challenge you to take 5 minutes out of your day to affirm positive affirmations that will infuse your mind, body and soul-- in most divine way. 

xoxo, LMD

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