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It's the second week of October and I'm not sure how that's even possible. I do however know that If I don't plan properly, my days seem to vanish, especially with trying to juggle as many things as I do in a day--homeschooling being one of them. 

I have been in the process of homeschooling Olivia and Greyson for a little over a month now. I must warn you, I don't know what I am doing. I do know that with my given situation, I can't afford to put Greyson into preschool, and Olivia's immune system can't handle the classroom just yet. Being so, I've decided to give homeschooling a whirl and learn as we go.

After doing some research and also keeping in mind that I am running a business that takes a lot of love and time, keeping it simple is best. I've decided to use a unit-based curriculum that coordinates with a monthly theme, and focuses on the areas I feel best suit them for their age. I've also quickly learned that their attention spans for a 2 and 4 year old, are not long. So again, simple is key when homeschooling your toddlers!

I'm actually pretty excited for these next couple of months just because h-e-l-l-o holidays! It definitely makes our curriculum a lot more fun and engaging with all the different festivities I can include. For the month of October, our theme will be all things Fall, Pumpkin, & Halloween. 

Here's our list of books that we love and will be reading this month. I will use these as inspiration for building a curriculum around that will teach them different areas of subject, and most importantly, learning through play with engaging activities. 

The Night before Halloween Preschool Homeschool October Toddler Books

The Spooky Wheels on The Bus Preschool homeschool October Toddler Books

Otter Loves Halloween Preschool Homeschool October Books
From Seed to Pumpkin Preschool Homeschool October Books
Apples and Pumpkins Preshool Homeschool October Books
Pumpkin Jack Preschool Homeschool October Books
Peppa's Halloween Party Preschool Homeschool October Books
P is for Pumpkin - Preschool Homeschool October Books
room on the broom - homeschool preschool books - october
The Pumpkin Patch Parable Preschool Homeschool October Toddler books

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