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You know it's a great day when Chip & Joanna Gaines support your small but growing brand by putting our baby clothes on their newborn baby!

When we reached out to Chip & Joanna Gaines early this year to send over a baby gift for their soon to arrive bundle of joy-- we were overjoyed with excitement with their response.

Joanna & Chip Gaines

Being that they decided to keep the gender a surprise, we decided to send them gender neutral items from our collection. 

With Joanna's love for vintage--balanced by neutral tones and modern clean lines, we opted to send her pieces from our Oatmeal Collection. Both gender neutral and appealing to her style--we sent the box of pretty things off! 

Joanna Gaines put Baby in Knotted Gown - LITTLEMISSDESSA
Joanna Gaines swaddles Baby Boy in knit jersey baby blanket -- LITTLEMISSDESSA
Joanna Gaines Loves Knotted Baby Gown for Crew Gaines -- LITTLEMISSDESSA
Joanna & Chip Gaines Loves Newborn Knotted Hats - LITTLEMISSDESSA
Joanna Gaines favorite Baby Brand -- LITTLEMISSDESSA
Fast forward 5 months later, and Crew Gaines welcomed the world! When Joanna & Chip both posted pictures of their sweet little boy in LITTLEMISSDESSA, it was pretty major for us. It's one thing to be a fan of a celebrity for the sake of it, but its another to be completely inspired by two moguls who built their entire empire based upon design. Then it's on a completely different level of excitement when they gave us the seal of approval with our designs, by putting LMD on their newborn, repeatedly. 

Chip Gaines with baby boy swaddled in baby blanket from LITTLEMISSDESSA

Source: Instagram 

Joanna and Chip Gaines baby in LITTLEMISSDESSA knotted gown
Source: Instagram

o matter how much success an entrepreneur/business/brand has achieved, we all start at the same beginning--which is small. Even though Chip & Joanna are far past small timers, I'm incredibly grateful for their support! No wonder myself and the rest of the world loves them the way that they do! 

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