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February 13, 2015 2 min read


Original painting by Kayla Newell 

From a very young age, I was taught to be kind to everyone. My mother would constantly tell my brother and I "treat people the way you want to be treated." It has stuck with me and I catch myself repeating the very words my mother would say to my own children.  

Do you ever feel like social media could be cliquey and unkind at times? Well, you're not a long. Especially if you are starting a business and just want some insight. I've had more people snub me than I could have ever imagined trying to build this business. One incident in particular where I had reached out to another well known brand is a constant reminder of this image above. The initial email was to express my admiration of which they built their business model upon and asked if they had any advice for someone who was just starting out. I was kind of shocked by the response, really. I mean I was small time peas in comparison nor do I think that I was a competitor because of it and our design esthetics are completely opposite. The same shopper who is shopping them, would more than likely not shop mine because it's a different customer altogether. At least I thought so. In any case, they were generic in their response and made me really see them in a different light. It was right then and then I decided that I would not be that company who when I do get to a caliber of success and other business reached out for advice, would I turn them away. If fact I have plans to start a blog series that will document my business journey in hopes that it could give insight to those who need it. Its funny how I see these "cliquey" brands who only support those of their small tight knit circle. I understand they all started around the same time so there's that organic comradery, but I see one very profitable & reputable brand who is going out of their way to help other small business on the daily. I guess thats the very difference between two brands. 

I am all about uplifting, encouraging and helping others out in anyway I can. I may be naive, but to me, giving back is just as important as receiving! If you are one of those small businesses or WHAM looking for some advice, keep an eye out for my blog series "Small Biz Unfiltered" and or feel free to email me
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