Cravings | Holy Moly Cinnamon Rolls

September 11, 2014 1 min read

The upside of pregnancy is all the amazing food you get to devour and simply get away with it. The downside-- at least for me, is the insomnia. I've hit 29 weeks and like clock work every night after I've headed to the bathroom a million times, I can't go back to sleep. Thank goodness for Instagram because it keeps me busy during  those 2am to 5am sleepless hours. One night I had gotten up and couldn't fall back asleep. That's when I found this little gem of a recipe. Holy Moly, can we just say when I saw a picture of these cinnamon rolls, it was love at first sight. Its been pretty hectic around here so I finally got around to making them this past Saturday, and lets just say they didn't disappoint! What's the fun in me getting fat without you!? Peep the recipe below and thank me later.

P.S. I LOVE walnuts so I added them into the mix. It's all about balance, people. A whole lotta fat with a dash of healthy nuts. 

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