Hello, Yellow.

September 10, 2014 1 min read

At first glance I thought she was giving me the bird. Rest assured she was showing me how old she is-- sort of. We've been working on so many developmental skills in these past few weeks and honestly, my baby has grown. She has hit some really amazing milestones such as walking and putting words together...which makes me one proud mama. More times than not, we wake up and snap photos of her outfit for the day. It's becoming a ritual and Liv is starting to get the hang of the routine until she's completely and utterly over it. Hence the last two pictures. The struggle is real my friend. I couldn't help but show you some of the outtakes because they are too cute not to. Plus, it just goes to show that it takes about fifty shots to get MAYBE two good ones! I'm sure you mamarazzi's know what I'm taking about! :)

OOTD : Headband | Leggings | Top | Jacket | Boots
I've added some alternative styles that would go nicely since the original items are sold out! I really like mixing LMD pieces with more versatile pieces so that it can go with just about anything. Old Navy, Gap & Zara are my go-to for mixing and matching. 

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